what you need for bulletproof coffee

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many people ask me, what do you need to make this frothy, creamy, delicious coffee?

its easy.

1. Bulletproof coffee beans

2. BRAIN OCTANE oil or XCT oil

3. butter from grass-fed cows or grass-fed organic ghee (ghee; clarified butter)

the bulletproof coffee beans are processed in a way that eliminates the most amount of mycotoxins compared to regular coffee. the beans are grown without the use of chemicals (pesticides & herbicides).

brain octane oil is highly concentrated coconut oil, 18x stronger. it quickly metabolizes into ketones, providing instant energy to the brain without breaking down glucose from dietary sugars or carbohydrates. it also has potent anti-microbial effects that help to support healthy digestion and immune function.

grass-fed butter is one of the most bulletproof foods you can eat. it’s high in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and healthy fats…and it tastes good.

in this video, you will see how easy it is to make a regular cup of life-changing bulletproof coffee.

to make it really easy for you, here are the starter kits!


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