• my stomach makes the decisions around here

    i remember i used to portion all of my meals out so perfectly… almost to the obsessive point of weighing my food.

    i would sit there and eat exactly what i had put on my plate even if i was full – this must be the italian in me! ┬áif i was still hungry, i would sit there for hours anticipating my next meal.

    i think my favourite thing about the bulletproof diet is allowing my stomach to make the decisions! if i’m full, i have no problem putting down my fork and saving what i have for another meal. i don’t force feed myself until the point of feeling sick.

    the portions aren’t the only thing my stomach decides on. after a work out, i crave carbs! i allow my body to replenish itself of the nutrients and fuel it needs! if i have a portion of protein on my plate and my stomach says “enough”, i listen. i save the rest for another meal.

    a lot of the photos of my food aren’t exactly what i am eating because i allow my stomach to make that choice. i’m not depriving myself and i’m not force feeding myself!

    Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 2.43.12 PM

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  1. Sygun says:

    I do the same. BP coffee in AM kills ur hunger anyway and any cravings. Addictions are history for me. I only eat one meal a day now

  2. quest bars says:

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  3. Allie says:

    Hi Kayla!

    thank you for your amazing blog and Instagram, you are so helpful and motivating! :)

    i am trying to lose 20 pounds of hormonal weight gain after loosing my period due to a liver infection. I am afraid I’m eating too much butter/food in general! I was wondering how much butter you eat a day/ or would recommend eating a day? I am 23 and normally weigh 115 pounds, I weigh a very un-natural 135 pounds of mostly water. I have not eaten wheat, dairy, or sugar for years so I am really confused about why I cannot get this weight off. Thank you so much.

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