• have fun with it

    i often get asked “how do you do it??… i could never eat like that…” and “how do you come up with these meals?? i could never spend that much time on cooking…”

    maybe i’m making it look harder than it is!

    i choose to eat this way for so many reasons, but mostly because i enjoy the taste of these foods more than junk. i like knowing exactly what is in my food… instead of praying the chef isn’t using canola oil back there. nutrient-dense foods taste incredible… you just need to give them a chance and pair them with the right flavours.

    turning on a pot with an inch of water and throwing vegetables in there for a few minutes has to be easier than googling your favourite thai resto, searching through the menu, phoning them and placing an order. cooking protein isn’t rocket science either and if you’re unsure… there are youtube videos that will literally walk you through it, step-by-step. white rice takes 10 minutes to make and you can flavour it any way you want!

    the best part to all of this, you get to add an amazing amount of healthy fat to your dish that will add an incredible amount of flavour, cut cravings and make you satiated.

    give it a try… for 2 weeks try to make your own meals. play around in the kitchen! it doesn’t have to be stressful, it doesn’t mean you need to spend hours a night slaving over a dish – have fun with it! add spices you didn’t know exist, buy vegetables that you’ve never bought before and try something different.

    one of my favourite things to do is try new salad dressings… it usually starts with a ripe, peeled, and unpitted avocado and then i play around with different liquids (apple cider vinegar, olive oil, MCT oil, balsamic vinegar, fresh lime juice), different spices (cayenne pepper, turmeric, cumin, basil, mint, rosemary). the results have never failed me!

    now go off and enjoy the foods you nourish your body with… and if you come up with any cool recipes, please comment below and share!


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