• Bulletproofing on the go!

    after a little too long away from blogging, i am back. i wasn’t abandoning my blog (or you)… i was on vacation and i’m getting back into the swing of things.


    before leaving for vacation, i knew i wanted to bring everything i could to brew my own bulletproof coffee, to help keep me feeling good while i was away. so in giant ziplock bags, with saran around each item, i packed my coffee beans, my brain octane oil, and my aeropress. luckily i was able to find grass fed butter while i was there, our first stop after leaving the airport… seriously!


    fortunately, for a good portion of the trip we were staying in a fully equipped condo, so i was able to whip up some bulletproof fresh meals! but a few of the days we went out to eat. now, to a bulletproof enthusiast, this is probably something we all try to avoid. the unknown quality of food… the unknown method of cooking… the oils…t he thoughts are a nightmare on their own, let alone how you feel after consuming.


    when i went to a restaurant i would look for the catch of the day (wild caught fish). this was what i ordered with a side of steamed veggies, and avocado if they had it. one afternoon, to my surprise, i was delighted to have a grass fed beef burger (sans bun) with avocado and a pickle on the side! … and possibly a few kettle chips. :) obviously nothing is going to be 100% bulletproof, but it was satiating and i didnt feel as guilty as i would have if i ordered a gluten and dairy filled pizza. 😛


    here are a few tips to staying bulletproof on vacation, or while eating away from home:

    1. pick a protein – either grass fed or wild caught and if neither are available, pick a white meat like chicken or turkey. because they are a low-fat protein, they carry less ‘toxin filled’ fats for you to digest. healthy fats from grass fed cows and wild caught fish are the best source of fat.

    2. pick a side of veggies – preferably steamed to eliminate the unknown oils they may use and preferably as green as possible!

    3. pick a fat – this is the most important part. ideally you want 70% of the calories from this meal to be from healthy fats. most restaurants don’t carry grass fed butter or xct/brainoctane oil. but many places carry avocados. get as much avocado as they will give you! or bring a vile of your own fat to add to your meal.


    there you have it. eating bulletproof on the go!


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  1. Sygun says:

    Great advice

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