• Paleo ice cream

    this has dramatically changed my life! a healthy snack that is full of the healthy fats your body, brain and hormones need… did you ever think it was going to be ice cream? when using an ice cream maker it takes less than 30 mins until you are sitting down with a big bowl of it.

    what you need:

    • 4 whole eggs (pastured of course)
    • 4 yolks (in addition to the whole eggs above)
    • 2 tsp vanilla (I use Vanillamax)
    • 1 gram vitamin C (ascorbic acid) or 10 drops apple cider vinegar or lime juice to taste.
    • 100 grams (7 tbs) grass-fed butter
    • 100 grams (7tbs) coconut oil (or substitute half  Upgraded Cacao Butter for amazing taste)
    • 50 grams (3tbs + 2tsp) XCT oil (important for consistency)
    • 80 grams (5.5tbs) xylitol or erythritol (or more to taste – you can add up to 160 grams if you want)
    • ~100 grams water or ice (just under 1/2 cup; add less than you think you need, then increase the amount).
    • (optional) 1/4 to 1/2 cup of low-toxin Upgraded Chocolate powder
    1. Blend everything but the water/ice in blender. It takes a while to get the butter blended into perfect creaminess.
    2. Add water or ice and blend some more until well blended. Ideally, you want a yogurt-like consistency for creamy ice cream, or add more water for a firmer, icier texture
    3. Pour the mixture into an ice cream maker – my ice cream maker needs to be turned on before I pour the mixture in, yours may be different

    in my latest creation, i threw 4 frozen organic strawberries in the blender for a strawberry/vanilla flavour…. THE BEST! play around with different flavours, and share your faves!

    Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 8.51.28 AM

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