my journey

a little background information…

im a real estate sales representative that became so overwhelmed with the negative changes in my body that i quit real estate. i was in and out of doctor, specialist and naturopath appointments every other day, frustrated as hell trying to figure out what was going on. it seemed as though overnight i wasn’t sleeping anymore, gained weight and couldn’t eat anything without feeling awful.

i tried every diet, eliminations and even vitamin IV injection cocktails to cure the sudden changes i was experiencing. the 2.5 years of cutting out the foods i love, seeing every specialist in and out of the area eventually lead to me avoiding seeing friends because i was so unhappy with how i looked and felt.

i was at the gym 5 times a week doing CrossFit or seeing my personal trainer. i couldn’t figure out if i needed to lift more or run longer distances, but i tried everything.

the day i left real estate, i was heading up to picton, ontario to delve into a 2 week yoga teacher training program. i needed to clear my thoughts and focus on health and wellness. this was my escape. the teacher training was an incredible experience where i met inspiring people and was able to really be in the moment. my cortisol levels were lowering from the daily mediation and the twice-daily yoga practice. as the 2 weeks were coming to an end i was still feeling lost in what i wanted to do in my life and more importantly, i still felt awful.

when i say i felt awful, i mean bloated, tired, fat…completely unhappy. yes, my spirits were lifted having spent the last 2 weeks with great people that were somewhere along the way on the same page as me.

i needed something to give…something had to work…i had heard a lot of hype about the bulletproof diet but i stayed away because i was told by my naturopath that caffeine would cause havoc with my hormones. i was tired of listening to other people tell me what i should do to feel better. i needed to figure this out on my own and i knew i was completely capable after getting so entirely in-touch with my body. i was aware of everything going on and what triggered what symptoms. to me it just came naturally after spending tireless hours trying to feel like me again.

i ordered the started kit.

the day it came in (january 16, 2015) i made my first cup of bulletproof coffee. i couldnt believe this incredibly tastey, creamy drink was going to do make me feel better..but it did. that day alone i had more energy than i had felt in years. i wasnt hungry until lunch time and thats when i decided i was going to follow the bulletproof diet. in less than a week my bloating was substantially less, my brain fog was diminished and i felt awesome.

until this day, i have only been at the gym under 15 times since january. when i go, its for 20-25 mins and i lift heavy.. i will post my work outs on my site so please stay tuned.

now that you know a little bit about me, follow along the journey to the best version of me… i promise to share all my tips and tricks :-)


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  1. Kim says:

    I have the Bulletproof book and am on a paleo diet. But I have a lot of trouble with carb addiction. Do you think Bulletproof would help with this?

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